Although regular wood glues were sold by Henkel since 1925, the Pattex story begins with the year 1956 – the revolution in the glue market. Product developers created after long cooperation with German Craftsmen the first contact glue which was cold-curing – called Pattex.

So far, craftsmen had to heat up glues prior to applying them – a dangerous and time-consuming task. Pattex listened to this complaint and developed a product which is applicable at room temperature – thus offering a strong and easy-to-use and safe solution.

First used by shoe repair craftsmen, the product found wide acceptance in the woodworking sector starting 1958, the year in which the glue was filled in buckets as well.

A few years later, 1964, the Pattex contact glue could be filled in small tubes of 125g as well, opening the door to households – and finding usage for smaller repair tasks.

But the Pattex developers never stopped to improve the glue – and thus were able to offer the first „non-dripping“ contact glue called „Pattex Compact“ in 1972. Threads of glue were now history.

In 1977, Pattex launched the first specialised wood glue „Pattex Wood Express“ for Do-It-Yourselvers after having had the „Pattex Wood“ in the assortment for Professional woodworkers since 1959. Two years later, Pattex brought the next innovation to the users – offering the first water-resistant wood glue in the market: „Pattex Wood Water-resist“.

In 1981, Pattex enlarged its glue assortment with hotmelt pistols – especially designed for professional crafters (e.g. Florists).

One year later, 1982, Pattex launched the first Super Glue based on Cyano-acrylate technology, an instant repair glue for small surfaces working within seconds. A breakthrough invention that makes life of all households much easier from now on.

In 1989, Pattex offers to its users glues specialised for mounting objects on walls - with instant tack it was now not necessary anymore to fix or hold objects for hours on the wall! The new category of construction adhesives was born.

In 1994, Pattex enlarges its offers of wood glues by special parquet and wood floor glues.