This is a promise that goes much further than enabling our users to get their jobs done with the support of our powerful & high-quality products within the large portfolio of bonding & sealing solutions. It also reflects the commitment of the brand within the Henkel Group, worldwide leader in sustainability, to provide users with toxic-free formulations which will neither harm their health nor the environment.

With Pattex, we always give promises that last. That‘s why we have concrete and tangible plans behind our sustainability strategy.

For developing markets, due to market needs and availability of raw materials locally, our goal is to provide our entire product portfolio completely free of toxic solvants – so eliminating all dangerous solvents from the formulas. A challenging task since this means a heavy investment behind. We are proud to claim that already today we achieve this goal to 95% on a worldwide basis. The latest best example is certainly our achievement to have eliminated the solvent 'Toluene' from all our contact adhesives formulas worldwide. By 2014, Pattex will have achieved the goal of exiting all dangerous solvents completely.